Anna Mirza Janczy

Tech in Chicago, Illinois

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As a global fintech futurist, I use my aesthetic eye for design and ability to spot trends. I continue to broadcast my insights on the new world economy to the public.

I support many roles. As a fintech leader, the start-up ecosystem demands a renaissance polymath who can juggle it all. At #CNXTech and #eqe we are currently focused on unleashing the full power of our #HashTagDimension.

Working with some of the brightest minds in tech, I am currently synthesizing ideas and content across the internet + fintech outlining an overall cohesive brand concept for #taggers that makes sense to the general population.

A bright future in mind, I hope to revolutionize our world by tightening gaps across, industries, cultures, geographies and generations. Essentially connecting everything into one. As we know, for humans the economy is everything. Today connecting the dots across "everything" in our economy is vital to the future, health and prosperity of humanity.

My background is in the financial services arena, having spent almost 5 years at UBS in the banks' wealth management division assisting financial advisors and executive teams with marketing and overall business administration strategy & execution. I am a seasoned expert in working with financial advisors to cultivate their personal brands through social relevancy & differentiation.

As an experienced and frequent LinkedIn user, I help experienced professionals navigate the social platform and develop customized social media strategies for business. Through an understanding of their personal styles I seek to effectively broadcast their value, communicating who they are seamlessly across all media channels. I encourage high activity levels and engagement to drive social connectivity, highlighting the misunderstood power of social innovation.

I am an event planning wizard with experience having orchestrated large scale client facing events for entertainment as well as internal educational/business development seminars throughout my career.

I received a B.S. in Finance and B.A. in Spanish-Economics (a bilingual economics degree) from The University of Illinois in Chicago. I am fluent in business Spanish and completed my graduate honors thesis on macroeconomic policy trends at the University of Seville.

A digital native of Chicago's north shore I grew up in Wilmette, Illinois. Today I reside in downtown Chicago's river west community and serve as an activist for millennials seeking to advance their careers.

  • Work
    • #CNXTech #eqe
  • Education
    • University of Illinois at Chicago
    • University of Seville
    • University of Alicante
    • School of the Art Institute of Chicago